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Between the sea and mountains lies a small treasure of the Costa Blanca, the beautiful destination of Altea. A village that brings tranquility, in which time seems to stand still. Do you wish to discover the Mediterranean essence that characterizes this place known as the cusp of the Mediterranean? 

Then, you only have to travel it’s more than 6 kilometers of coast and enjoy it’s great variety of beaches such as L’Olla, Solsida, Cap Negret, Albir, Cala del Mascarat or La Roda. These beaches are characterized by stones instead of sand and, some of its coves are well hidden between large cliffs. There’s no doubt, spending a day in one of these corners is pure magic. Here you can truly enjoy the sun, the Mediterranean Sea breeze and the tranquillity, as they don’t become very crowded.

There’s also a space for nature. A good example is the Sierra de Bèrnia, a mountain range that separates the regions of Marina Alta and Marina Baixa and in which we find the ruins of a castle. Here you can make routes both beautiful and exciting, such as the Ruta de los Arcos or the Ruta del Forat de Bèrnia. Another nature spot of great importance in the area is the Natural Park of the Serra Gelada, with infinite trails for nature lovers. Being a privileged location, it’s gastronomy also reflects this since it merges sea and land. Among it’s typical dishes we can find paella with anchovies or senyoret rice.

It doesn’t matter if you are a sea or mountain lover, in Altea lies a space for you. Enjoy the Mediterranean, take a photo of it’s old town and breathe fresh air in it’s natural landscapes. Altea awaits you.