At a time when we see less tents in campsites, those looking to get started in camping find that it is easier to find information about a caravan’s water pump or the best development for your motorhome than to find what you are going to need to camp for the first time, to go with your newly bought igloo tent that, pops open all on its own!

Our purpose is to help you have the best possible experience because, let’s face it, it has happened to all of us: when you go camping, you always forget something.


A tent. Don’t go crazy, start with something basic to try. If you love it and you end up as hooked on camping as we are, you will have time to buy a bigger tent. The one you buy at the beginning can always be used for the children or as storage, for toys ect, we are sure you will think of some use for it. Assess the temperature of the place you are going to travel to before buying your tent, there are some that even serve different temperatures by adding double roofs, or have ventilation windows

If you go to a large sports shop like Decathlon and buy a basic igloo tent, we recommend that you buy it a little larger than what you will need, for example if you are two people, buy the tent for three or four people. That will ensure that you have space to rest comfortably. Take into account your height and the measurements of the tent you buy. Make sure you can stretch your legs.


Bring iron nails and a claw hammer to put up and remove the tent. Tents usually come with aluminum pegs, but most grounds are too hard to use and they will bend. The tents carry ropes called guy ropes. It is very important to use them and anchor them to the ground if wind is expected you will want your tent to remain on the plot where you put it when you return from your daily walk.

– Mats or mattress. Do you remember those mats you bought thinking that yoga was your thing? Dust them off, here´s your chance to use them! Even though you have removed all the pebbles from under your tent, the mat will be the difference between getting a good night sleep or getting up as if you were hit by a train.

If you have an inflatable mattress at home, you can also use it, but be careful to use one of those that are almost the height of a bed if your tent is for 3 or 4 people. Tents are wider at the base and narrow at the top, but your mattress is not. The tent will be made wider to fit the mattress and you will lose height. It could block the use of the door. We do not recommend it at all.

– Sleeping bag, pillow and blanket are optional. Assess the space in your car and the need you have for them. If you travel in summer to a warm place you will not need blanket, you may not need a sleeping bag either and you may only prefer to take a towel to cover the mat or a sheet. The pillow depends on your sleeping habits

Once the sleep issue is solved, let’s think about eating 

– You have the option of cold food and sandwiches, but if you decide to cook at the campsite you will need a small gas stove. If you don’t have one at home, there are very affordable options with gas cartridges. The cartridges can be bought in large areas easily. The one in the photo is around € 20 on Amazon, here is the link so you can look at it.


Lighter for the kitchen

Camping ice box with ice blocks to keep your food in good condition during your stay.

Cutlery, kitchen utensils and plates. To reduce weight, we recommend using reusable plastic or aluminum tools. There are packs with plates and cutlery inside a bowl or there are even ones that are a cooking pot and the rest of the utensils go inside.

Dishwasher liquid, scouring pad, cloth and rubbish bags.

In addition to these things, there are some that are very necessary and you will not want to forget them, we can assure you:

Rope and pegs. Your towels have to dry after going to the pool or taking a shower.

– Anti-mosquito products or, in general, insect repellent. In hot weather they will become your best ally to have a good stay at the campsite.

– Torch, lamps or cable with light bulb

– Electric extension cable

– A blanket / towel / mat to put at the entrance of the tent. If you wish, you can buy a folding table and chairs.

– Basic medication or first aid kit.

As a last tip, self-build igloo tents are great until you have to pull them down. They are very easy to fold and store, when you know how to do it, but if you are not sure it can become a nightmare. Even so, don’t worry you are not the first to force the tent into the car shouting as you do that we will fold it at home! And we are sure that you will not be the last. Do not throw away the instructions, you will need them many times

We hope it will be very helpful to you and that you are encouraged to camp, it is a fascinating world!