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At Camping Almafra we have special entertainment for children and families (don’t be fooled, children are more important). On our Facebook and Instagram pages we are posting the cool things we do. From now on we will also be putting them here and on our Blog so that you can easily find them whenever you feel like it.

Do you already know Luis?

Luis is a lion who lives with us. When he was very little, he felt lonely and he decided to come live with us.

Since then he has been our buddy and has helped us a lot.

Luis loves children and, whenever he can, he goes out to play with them for a little while. He knows how to play many things but he doesn’t like water at all, can you believe it?

When the children go to the pool, he watches them from outside and dances to cheer them up, but we can’t get him to take a bath.

Escuela infantil (sólo en verano)

The best option to guarantee rest for parents and healthy fun for the little ones (up to 3 years). With availability and extra charge.