Have you ever thought about why “international” was added to the name of Camping Almafra?

Have you ever thought about why “international” was added to the name of Camping Almafra?


Have you ever thought about why “international” was added to the name of Camping Almafra? It is clear that our clientele is international but, it’s not just that! We deeply believe in the richness of an international environment and, therefore, whenever we can, we reflect it in our work force. Each new addition is another opportunity to learn other cultures and customs and we love it. Today counting, we have realized that we are a team of 29 people … with 13 different nationalities!
From our point of view, this is the perfect occasion to present the Almafra International Team so here we go:


JAIME and PAQUI are the two companions who have worked the longest time at the campsite they arrived even before the doors opened. They work in the departments of Technical Service and cleaning respectively and are two of the people who know best Camping international Almafra.

MARIA works in the reception department since June 2018. She comes from Murcia and is pure energy!

JOHN is our maintenance manager and despite what you may think by his name, he is Spanish!

JULIAN is one half of the camping security team he makes sure that our clients stay is calm and peaceful.

ALICIA is part of the management department. Almafra was the first campsite she worked on working in reception department a few years ago and in 2018 she returned, this time to stay.

María and Vanessa

María y Vanessa


GAVIN is also part of the management department. He used to live on the campsite a few years ago so he is able to see us from both sides of the coin.

GEMMA is our expert in social networks and administration assistance. Her family had lived in the area for some years and the good weather gave her the push to move permanently to the sun of Benidorm.

VANESSA is our most veteran receptionist. She is British and being married to an Andalusian has given her a mixture of accents that has us in love.

NICKY is our representative of Scotland for the camping. She is without a doubt, the sweetest head of department of the whole complex.

CAROL is all joy. She does not miss a single opportunity to come dressed up to work, no matter what pretext and it is extremely difficult not to find her with a smile. We should all be like her!

Carol and Nicky

Carol y Nicky


TRACY is one of the most experienced members of our restaurant team she has been in Spain that long she has forgotten what elevenses is.

KAY is our newest British recruit. She is part of the camping cleaning team since the summer of 2019 and you can find her almost always on the afternoon shift.


TONY and SOFI work in kitchen and restaurant respectively. We cannot include them in either of the first two groups because they belong to both! Both have Spanish father and British mother, they are a great mix and we love it.

ROY ROY is our most international member. Third Dutch, third Spanish and a third Indonesian, what more could you ask for? He is part of the kitchen department but sometimes helps out in the restaurant. This guy is multitasking!


INGEBORG. . If you have ever visited us, surely you must have come across Inge. She is our most experienced colleague in the reception area, where she has worked for 10 years. Recently she has become part of the management team. We cannot be more proud that she has worked with us for all this time!


LENE is part of the reception team alongside María and Vanessa. She is our most recent addition and has fit perfectly. She is, without a doubt, a team player, which is not surprising if we consider that she has been a professional handball player almost all her life.


HAMID is, together with Paqui, Jaime and Inge he is also one of our long standing employees of the campsite. He has been here almost since Almafra opened and is with us on the night shift, teaming up with Julian so that nothing disturbs the calm of our campers.


DELPHINE used to be part of the restaurant team but for a while it has been in the kitchen where she can be more creative. She has been in Spain a lot of years and speaks Spanish just as well as a native, Bravo Delphine!

JÜRGEN has been taking care of the proper functioning of the restaurant for the last few months. Before that he worked in reception but his previous experience led him to see a change of departments giving him a challenge and an opportunity for personal improvement and improvement for the camping.


CARLOS and VANESSA come from Colombia he is our main gardener and she is one of the cleaning girls. Carlos has been with us for years and was already part of the Camping staff with the previous owners. Vanessa has been with us for a few months.


NASIR is our oriental touch in the restaurant department. He is always willing to play a joke and our clients love him.


HIGOR FIDEL is, without a doubt, the joy of camping. He is active, talkative, cheerful, a real tornado that has the Technical Service department totally revolutionized.


CHRIS is the latest addition to the restaurant. Calm and silent, we hope he doesn’t change.


Lebanese adopted by Catalonia, SAHAR is our personal champion. The gym is her kingdom and she is the queen! She has various record titles, which include two world bodybuilding championships in 2010 and 2018 and obtaining the IFBB pro card in 2019.




At the Camping we all think that one day he will turn into a fish as he spends so much time in the water. RAÚL, is in charge of the Delfines swimming school, and is the favorite of the camping kids!