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If you are looking for a beautiful route, of low difficulty, suitable for the whole family (including 4-legged family members), from Camping Almafrà we recommend visiting El Faro de Albir, one of the many routes that can be done through Serra Gelada.

From the campsite, you must join the N-332 road towards Valencia until the Albir intersection, (2.2km), turn right towards the beach along Avenida de l’Albir street to Camí Vell del Far Street. Once there, continue until you reach the pedestrian entrance to the route. There is a free parking open 24 hours where you can leave your vehicle.

The original path was laid out in 1863 to give its workers access to the lighthouse. In 1863 the original road was modified and improved and gave rise to the one we know today.

The route has a linear route of just under 5km (up and down) with a slight slope and paved along its entire length, which makes it suitable for walkers, cyclists or families with baby strollers.

At the beginning of it, at the entrance, there is a drinking water fountain. For those who do the route with a dog, it is interesting to know that there is a water fountain and excrement bags. During the route there are trash cans to deposit them in case of need.

Once through the door, the first thing we find is a well-shaded picnic area ideal for a family picnic.

Along the way you can find information panels about the history of the place, flora and fauna, environmental actions carried out and alternative routes. Likewise, you will find several viewpoints and balconies from which to admire the beautiful landscape that varies from the dense pine forest at the beginning, to the steep cliffs at the end, passing through beautiful views of the sea and the beach of Albir.

One of the most special points is a tunnel excavated in rock about 20 meters long. Those of you who bring children…invite them to sing! The echo is always very fun

At the end of the tour we arrive at the Lighthouse, currently called the Albir Lighthouse Interpretation Center, where, in addition to the lighthouse building and the permanent museum inside, we have a dolphin watching area during the migration season and some telescopes. The lighthouse is still active today. You can see its light from the L’albir star walk.

For the more adventurous there are two alternative routes that start shortly before reaching the center:

Bou Cave or Boca de la Ballena

The point of interest marked with the number 10 is the access to the cave called The Whale’s Mouth, a large cavity in the shadowy part of the mountain. Access is not paved but it is not complicated.

Ocher mines

To the right of the road, in the ravine before arriving at the center, you can see the remains of a stone construction that corresponds to the foreman’s house and the pillars of the road for the minecarts of the old red ocher mine of the area, which was active from the mid-19th century to the beginning of the 20th. Once the mineral was extracted, he went down to a small cove, very frequented by pleasure boats today, where he boarded small barges that took him to a larger ship, which anchored in the bay.